Senf: The Sensitive Number Finder

Senf is a fast, portable tool (written in Java, runnable just about everywhere) for finding sensitive numbers. Use this tool to identify files on your system that may have Social Security Numbers (SSNs) or Credit Card Numbers (CCNs).

This work is licensed under a  Creative Commons License.


The instructions, also available in the download archive, are wikified here in the SenfReadme.


Now that there are multiple versions of Senf available, downloads have been moved to the SenfVersions page.

Bug Reports

Please contact the UT ISO (

Developing / Source

The Senf source is open for browsing via Trac. The source may be checked out from subversion with:

svn --username anonymous --no-auth-cache co

When attempting to checkout the source, leave the password blank if prompted. There is no password for the anonymous user.

Big Ups to UT ISO

Senf is brought to you by  The UT Information Security Office.