This is a list of all versions of Senf hosted here, with descriptions of what's new.

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Current Version


Download - MD5Sum: 4f7c6abc5564dc33b3a214eb4033cb09 -

FAST! like a racecar, it's Sasuke.188 + 150! Tabs and all that good stuff exist everywhere! It scans and searches and finds and whatnot. Get it. Use it NOW, use it LATER, use it WHENEVER, even NEVER!

Do you like green eggs and ham? ONLY WITH  SENF!

deprecated & unsupported versions


Download - MD5Sum: 7576404337aaba824fd54659134083f6 -

Brand new! Spiffy! Happy ton fun shots! See the new features! There are GUIs! There are new options! There are analyzers! There are there are there are!

Be sure to tootle vigorously the results by clicking on the lines that pop up in the middle box! Of the sandwich viewer!

Download before it's all gone! We don't get these bits back!


Download - MD5Sum: fee7fbe87d9e5315d825b3f3e36dfa31 -

An updated version of SenfNet: based on Maitogai.270. Output is tab-separated; minmatches/max filesize can be entered with numberpad; other minor bug fixes.


Download - MD5Sum: 51bb29145f5e4e87ca2c0ad4548062e3 -

A GUI version built in C#, on top of the Maitogai.268 codebase. This requires the MS .NET Framework 2.0, and only works with Windows.


Download - MD5Sum: 65dd101fb0edfabaa0980c0093c42be9 -

Log files now use a txt file format with tab-separated fields (instead of csv file format with pipe-separated fields, which really didn't make sense). Closes ticket #1.


Download - MD5Sum: 5aded1c77605375445d36cd4cae66dcc -

The configuration files now support whitelisted and blacklisted paths (including filename and extension, if you like).